Swimming lessons


We would like to give your children the opportunity to learn how to swim in a playful way during their holiday at the HAIDVOGL KINDERHOTEL Zell am See. Creating the ideal conditions for the correct handling of the element water is the best prerequisite for lifelong joy and safety in the water!

Swimming for babies

from 4 to 24 months

Fun in the water and the promotion of movement are the main focus of baby swimming. You will learn important and above all safe grips and holding techniques and see how your baby takes advantage of the great freedom of movement in the water. The shared experience and intensive physical contact promotes the intimate relationship between baby and parents. Swimming for babies allows the infants to make movements not yet possible on land. Water offers a "three-dimensionality" and freedom of movement that is denied on dry land.

Swimming for toddlers

from 2 – 3 years

Children in this age group just love getting used to the water and splashing around. This course is the perfect preparation for learning to swim. Plenty of jumping, diving, gliding, floating exercises are to the main focus of this course. Swimming for toddlers should not be considered as swimming lessons, more as preparation for learning to swim.

Swimming for children

from 4 years

Around the age of 4 most children are ready to learn to swim properly. At the HAIDVOGL KINDERHOTEL Zell am See we offer swimming lessons for small children in 4 sessions. In these lessons the basics of breast stroke are learned in a playful and age-appropriate way. This way of learning to swim is really great fun!

General information

Our children's swimming courses take place weekly Monday - Friday on the agreed dates. The mermaid swim is a planned programme item of the KIDS CLUB programme. The current dates can be found in the programs. For further information and registration please contact our reception team.

Mermaid fun
Who didn't dream as a child of diving through the water like Arielle? Boys are also fascinated by swimming and diving, when they experience numerous adventures under water like Spongebob and Patrick. Even Mom and Dad can try it.

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