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Pongo’s swimming lessons

Swimming lessons for babies and children at the KINDERHOTEL

Swimming for babies (from 4 to 24 months)

Fun in the water and promoting movement are the top priorities of swimming for babies. Learn important and above all safe methods of handling and see how your baby takes advantage of the wide possibilities for movement. Experiencing together and intensive bodily contact promotes the intimate relationship between baby and parent. Swimming for babies allows the infants to make movements not yet possible on land.  Water offers a “three dimensionality” and freedom of movement denied on dry land.


Swimming lessons from Monday to Friday

Swimming for toddlers (from 2 – 3 years)

Children in this age group just love getting used to the water and splashing around. This course is the perfect preparation for learning to swim. Plenty of jumping, diving, gliding, floating exercises are to the main focus of this course. Swimming for toddlers should not be considered swimming lessons as such as preparation for learning to swim.


Swimming lessons from Monday to Friday

Swimming for children (from 4 years)

Around the age of 4 most children are ready to learn to swim properly. At the KINDERHOTEL Zell am See we offer swimming lessons for small children in 4 sessions. In these lessons the basics of breast stroke are learned in a playful and age-appropriate way. Thus learning to swim is really great fun.


Swimming lessons are from Monday to Friday

Learn to swim package

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