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Classic or special massages at the KINDERHOTEL

Traditional massages

The strength & intensity of the hands are tailored to your desires and needs. A pleasant massage supports mobility and activates better blood circulation in the muscles. Leave your daily routine behind – feel relaxed and mobilized.

25 min.

50 min.

80 min.

Shoulder, head and neck massage

The stimulating head, neck and shoulder massage, with selected body-oils, releases physical and mental tensions and blockages. A sense of inner balance and pleasant relaxation is created. This is particularly helpful for sleep disorders, headaches and unrest.

25 min.

Facial massage

Wonderfully relaxing and nourishing treatment with high quality cosmetic products.

25 min.

Foot reflexology massage

Just like a map, the feet reveal blockages and weaknesses in the human body to trained therapists. Specific areas of the feet are targeted with a pressure treatment as the different organs and parts of the body correspond to zones in the feet.

25 min.


We have combined two of our most popular treatments in this treatment: the foot reflex zone massage and the back massage. Specific areas of the feet are targeted and self-healing powers are mobilized. Tensions in the back and neck are alleviated during the final treatment.

50 min.

Manual lymph drainage

The gentle but effective method supports, amongst other things, dehydration of the body. Lymph nodes have a filter and cleansing function i.e. toxins and deposits are removed via this system. The immune system is stimulated and strengthened.

25 min.

50 min.

Aromatic oil massage

The aromatic oil massage is a soothing massage applied with little pressure. Enjoy your inner balance and total relaxation through using special essential oils. Refreshing or calming – according to your wishes!

25 min.

50 min.

80 min.

Hot Stone-Ritual

Muscle tensions and blockages are relieved with hands and stones on the entire body. The treatment also stimulates the functions of the body’s organs. The warmth of the stones is relaxing and pleasant and increases the overall sense of well-being.

40 min.

75 min.

Mountain Massage

After a refreshing full-body peeling we pamper you with a sportive, stimulating full-body massage. For all exhausted hikers, skiers or other athletes or for those who would like to be.

75 min.


A calming treatment for your body and your soul, which gives your skin the needed moisturizing. You start with a full-body peeling, afterwards you enjoy a nourishing body pack in our comfortable Soft-Pack-Bed. To complete the anti-stress massage we pamper you with an amazing part-body massage. It’s no coincidence that this is our most popular treatment!

75 min.

Pregnancy massage

Performed gently and attentively, this massage has a positive physical and emotional effect on the entire body of the mother and baby. It reduces tensions in the joints and muscles, the back is pleasantly relaxed and the muscles are

strengthened in preparation for labor. The gentle touch pampers the skin and tissue and makes the skin more elastic

25 min.

50 min.

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