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Blue Box & Floating

Blue Box Premium

With Blue Box Premium, you will first receive a soothing partial massage. The massage loosens tensions and you can relax and enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere of the Blue Box.

50 min.

Blue Box

Within only a few minutes, the interaction between the monochrome blue colour, special shape, sound, light, warmth, breathing vibrations send the body into the so-called alpha state – a state in which the person is mentally awake but yet deeply relaxed. In the Alphasphere many people can switch off from the daily routine and dive into new qualities of perception – without any practice or previous specialist knowledge and within a very short time.

25 min.


No noise penetrates the silence and you can just let all your cares float away. In the warm water, enriched with natural salt crystals, let yourself float like in the dead sea. Completely shielded from external stimuli, you float on the surface of the warm water and bring body, mind and soul into a harmonious union. Let yourself go, enjoy magic moments and you will feel thoroughly at home with this special wellness experience.

30 min.

45 min.

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