Child carer



Star sign:


How long have I worked at the Kinderhotel?

since winter 2013/2014

Which childlike qualities have I retained?

stubborn, helpful, friendly

I like children because…

they are always uncomplicated, joyful and crazy and being with children makes me happy

I get annoyed because:

people annoy me

What I always wanted to be…


One of my favourite songs:

Pongo song

A book I particularly like:

Gone with the wind

My favourite saying:

no risk no fun!

If I could be an animal I would be:

a bear or a sloth

I will fulfill this dream:

my own home

My favourite food:


My favourite plant:


My biggest adventure:

moving to Europe

My favourite town or place:

beach on the North Sea

My best decision:

to marry my husband

What am I particularly proud of?

myself and my family