Child care leader



Star sign:


How long have I worked in the Kinderhotel?

since 2002 (with 3 breaks)

Which childlike characteristics have I retained?

sportiness, friendliness, humaneness

I like children because…

a child’s smile says more than a 1000 words

I get annoyed:

when people complain about the little things, without giving any thought to how hard it is for normal people in the “fourth world”

What I always wanted to be…

a policeman

One of my favourite songs:

…not just one song, I have lots of favourites. I’m always adding new ones.

Books that I particularly like:

The Da Vinci Code, Illuminati, Meteor, The Dacians,… – it’s a long list 😉

My favourite saying:

My religion is simple. It doesn’t need a temple or a complicated philososphy. Our brain and our heart are our temple. The philosophy is friendliness – Dalai Lama

If I could be an animal I would be:

a tiger

I will fulfill this dream:

you just need to believe that all your dreams will come true

My favourite food:

polenta with cheese and sour cream, Rumanian stuffed cabbage

My favourite plant:

meat-eating plants

My biggest adventure:

… life

My favourite town or place:

My birthplace (Hunedoara – Rumania)

My best decision:

that I married my wife

What am I particularly proud of?

my family