Child carer



Star sign:


How long have I worked at the Kinderhotel?

since January 2015

Which childlike characteristics have I retained?

to be happy as often as possible

I like children because:

they show us adults what we’ve long forgotten: to appreciate the little things in life.

I get annoyed:

when people judge others superficially

What did I want to be?

Kindergarten teacher or astronaut

One of my favourite songs:

Oasis – Wonderwall

A book that I particularly like:

The Alchemist

My favourite saying:

always aim for the moon, then if you miss, you’ll land by the stars

If I could be an animal, then I’d be:

an eagle

I will fulfill this dream:

to explore the world

My favourite food:

everything home-made

My favourite plant:


My biggest adventure:

my two children

My favourite town or place:

outdoors in nature, where I can recharge my batteries

My best decision:

to take the path that lead me here

What am I particularly proud of?

my two boys, who make me smile every day